Signs Of The End Times – Know The Signs Of The End Times – Matthew 24 (English-Sinhala) – by Pastor George Hadjiyiannis 22-01-2012
May 11th, 2017

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The Signs Of The End Times

It is a series of Biblical teachings to help Christians understand the Signs of the End Times, based on the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 24. It is important to study the End Times because people can be prepared for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians we are waiting for Jesus Christ to return.

End Times prophetic signs serve in the same way that a weather station gives signals about extreme weather conditions, so that people can be prepared and lives can be saved.

There are many things we know and many things we do not know about the future. But, this is certain: Jesus Christ is coming again. And His return may be sooner than we think. If Jesus comes today, will you be ready?

The language of the messages is English with Sinhala translation.

Pastor George Hadjiyiannis is teaching at the Sri Lankan Christian Fellowship Cyprus.

The titles of the messages in this series are:

  1. Know The Signs Of The End Times
  2. The Temple, Jerusalem And Israel
  3. Deception, Wars, Famines And Earthquakes
  4. Persecution And Preaching Of The Gospel
  5. Antichrist
  6. The Great Tribulation
  7. The Second Coming Of Christ
  8. Keep Watch And Be Ready For The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ